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  • If you are booking a Notice of Marriage  or Civil Partnership you MUST consult the page:


; BEFORE making your booking.  The page will tell you how to book your notice (s) and will tell you and your partner what documents you should bring to your appointment. 

  • An administration fee is taken at the time of booking for all notice appointments. Provided you turn up on time with all original valid documents and meet the legal criteria notice will be taken and the admin fee utilised accordingly. You may re-schedule your appointment once free of charge provided you give us at least 2 full working days notice (Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays). You will lose your fee if you give fewer than the 2 full working days notice, fail to turn up or arrive late. If we have to cancel the appointment for any reason we will re-schedule free of charge but no refund will be due.

  • If you are marrying/ forming a civil partnership in England or Wales then you must intend to marry/ form your civil partnership within 1 year of the date of your appointment.  If your appointments were on different dates then notices will expire one year after the date of whichever of you gave notice first.  If you are marrying/ forming a civil partnership outside England or Wales then the expiry date of the schedule may be shorter so please check before booking your appointment.  Details can be found at:

  • If the information provided when booking is incorrect and, as a consequence, we are unable to complete your notice(s) then you will lose your fee and you will be required to book another appointment. 

  • We will be unable to take your notice(s) if you do not provide the specified original documents.  If this occurs then you will lose your fee and will be required to book new appointments. 


After booking your appointment you will receive a confirmation email containing essential information for your appointment.  If you do not receive a confirmation of your booking (please check your partner's account and your spam folders)  please contact us as soon as possible.

Booking Terms and Conditions for Notices in Cambridgeshire

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