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Citizenship ceremonies complete the path for foreign nationals who receive British citizenship. They are a formal welcome into the community.

Home Office Invitation

If The Home Office approves your application for British citizenship they will email / write to you with an invitation to book your citizenship ceremony. 

After you have received your invitation from The Home Office you can book your ceremony by going to:

Public Ceremonies

A weekly public ceremony takes place in The Red Kite Room, New Shire Hall, Alconbury.  The ceremony takes place at 2pm on Mondays.  On occasion a ceremony will also be held at 11am.  Dignitaries will be in attendance; an official photographer will be present and refreshments will be available after the ceremony.  Information about travelling to New Shire Hall can be found by clicking here.

There is no cost for the public ceremony. 

Private Ceremonies

Private ceremonies will take place in Cambridge Room 1, Cambridge.  The Dignitaries and the official photographer will not be present.  There will be no refreshments after the ceremony.  Information about Cambridge Register Office can be found by clicking here.


The cost of private ceremonies can be found on our Fees page.

If you would like a private ceremony, please contact us


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