Citizenship Ceremonies

Citizenship ceremonies complete the path for foreign nationals who are granted British citizenship and formally welcome them into the community.


Shire Hall in Cambridge remains unavailable so Ceremonies for small groups will take place in The Keats Room, Lawrence Court, Huntingdon.  We regret that guests cannot attend the ceremony at the present time.

If the Home Office approves your application for British citizenship they will write to you and send you an invitation letter (or email) to book your citizenship ceremony slot.  This will contain details of the local authority to contact to book a citizenship ceremony.  When you receive your invitation, please email to arrange to attend your ceremony.


If your invitation letter says you have to have a ceremony within 21 days of the letter please ignore this. You have up to 6 months to attend your ceremony. Please check with the Home Office if you are running out of time and require an extension to attend your ceremony.  


When you contact us to book your citizenship ceremony we will keep your details on file and will contact you when your certificate has arrived in the despatch from The Home Office. 


We will not contact you until we have received and processed your certificate but please be assured that your email has not been ignored.


At present we are waiting for certificates for 100 new citizens who have contacted us to that say that they have received their invitation to a ceremony from The Home Office.


Despatches from The Home Office are spaced a fortnight apart and, while we are assured that The Home Office are working their way through the backlog methodically and sequentially, there does still appear to be some delay so please do be patient.