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We know that your wedding or civil partnership is a unique and special occasion and we want to help make it a day to remember.  Whatever your arrangements, whatever your choice, we are here to ensure that your ceremony is what you want it to be and just as importantly that it is carried out in accordance with the law.

Whether you are planning an intimate or large ceremony or something in between you can find a venue to suit your plans in Cambridgeshire.  Your ceremony can take place in one of our four well located Ceremony Rooms, at one of Cambridgeshire’s individual Approved Venues, in a location of your choice or in a religious building, these pages will act as a guide to the arrangements you may need to make, and the legal formalities required.

Civil Marriage or Civil Partnership?  What's the difference?

A civil marriage is a marriage that takes place with 2 registrars present (one to conduct the ceremony and one to complete legal paperwork). It is a spoken contract witnessed by 2 people and has no religious content, the ceremony can take place in an approved premise or a register office but because of the spoken nature of the contract it is not possible to just come in and sign the paperwork. A civil marriage is called a wedding, and you will legally be husband and wife after the ceremony and will be Mr and Mrs whether you choose to have the same surname or not.

A Civil Partnership is a written contract between 2 people, with 2 witnesses. You do not have to say anything at all if you do not wish to, you can just sign the paperwork or you can have a personalised ceremony. After a civil partnership formation, you will legally be known as Civil Partners. If you are a heterosexual couple and you change your mind about being in a civil partnership you CANNOT convert to a marriage. To end a civil partnership the process is the same as ending a marriage but instead of being called divorce it is called a dissolution.

A civil marriage and a civil partnership have the same legal standing for couples in this country but Civil Partnerships are not recognised in many countries abroad so if you intend living outside of the UK in the future please do not presume you will have the same legal rights as a married couple and you should seek professional legal advice for further guidance.

If you would like to convert your civil partnership to a marriage, please contact us here.

Where can my Ceremony take place?

You can have a ceremony in:

Civil Ceremonies in Cambridgeshire

The historic county of Cambridgeshire includes the university city of Cambridge, the cathedral city of Ely, a variety of riverside market towns and rural scenic villages.  We can offer you a diverse choice of venues from city centre hotels to waterside locations, from historic college buildings to country clubs and commanding stately homes to rustic barns.  We offer outdoor ceremonies at selected venues from 1 March to 31 October.  Take a look at the links below to find the venue which suits your plans.



Decided where you're having your ceremony?


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Marriage and Civil Partnership

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