• If you book a notice appointment in Cambridgeshire, you will be charged a £35 administration fee which will be converted into your notice fee if the appointment is successful. 

  • + Your notice fee may not always be paid to us, it is dependent on where you live and your nationality

  • There is an additional notice charge of £12 per person for non-British/EEA individuals if referred to The Home Office

  • There is a fee of £40 if we are required to correct an error on a notice, so please check carefully before signing.

  • There is a charge of £40 plus postage and handling (where relevant) when a customer / member of the clergy requires a duplicate authority to be issued.

  • Ceremony and certificate fees are payable at the notice appointment or within 10 days if you give notice outside Cambridgeshire.

  • Licensed venue ceremonies before 9.30am or after 6pm, or on a bank holiday (Christmas day, Boxing day for example) may occur an additional fee.

  • Amendments to bookings incur a £40 fee.

  • If applying for a passport in your new name, a £36 fee applies for us to complete the form ( £37 from 1.4.2020)

  • All fees are subject to further change.

  • Naming and renewal of vow fees are the same as shown for Council Ceremony Rooms and Approved Venues.  Up to two children in the same family are included.  You would have to book another ceremony time if you have more than two children to include.


*Couple plus two adult witnesses ONLY  (no other guests including babies and children)

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