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In order to have a Civil Marriage of Civil Partnership you will need to give legal notice of intention in a registration office.  


During the appointment you will be required to produce specific documents as evidence of your ID, nationality and residence.  At the end of the appointment you will be required to sign a legal statement to say that you intend to get married or form a civil partnership.


Once your appointment is completed the details for your ceremony will be displayed at our Cambridge office for 28 days.  The notice period of 29 days will start on the day when you attend your notice appointment.  Please note that if one of you is a foreign national then your notice period can be extended to 70 days by the Home Office in certain circumstances.  At the end of the notice period your marriage documents will be produced.

You can only give notice up to 12 months before the date of your ceremony.  We would recommend that you give notice 4-6 months before your ceremony to ensure that all the legal requirements have been completed in time.

Click here to find out how to book your notice(s), the original documents you'll need to bring to your appointment(s) and any additional fees that apply.

If you cannot meet the requirements at the appointment we may not be able to take your notice, which may mean making a new appointment, paying a new fee, and possibly delaying your ceremony.

Giving notice

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