If neither party lives in the Registration District where a non-Anglican religious building is located then there are only very specific legal circumstances that will allow notice to be taken, and the ceremony to take place. These are only if :

  • there is no such religious building in the Registration District where either party resides AND the one stated for the ceremony is the closest geographically or;

  • at least one party has a current and on-going connection with the religious building where the ceremony is planned to take i.e. this is where they currently worship in person on a regular basis. 

When giving notice the legal wording signed states which of the above applies, and the Perjury Act applies to any false declaration. 

Unfortunately the fact that a building is in a Registration District where one party used to live and / or attend; where family have always had their ceremonies; where they know the incumbent well or used to sing in the choir;  the incumbent has agreed to conduct the ceremony; the building is beautiful are not sufficient.

Where neither bullet point applies one / both parties could consider creating residency (minimum 9 days immediately before giving notice), with both parties giving notice on the same day (so the correct addresses can be used).

Full details of the relevant Act are here

Marriages in non-Anglican religious buildings in a registration district where neither party resides