Marriages in registration district in which neither party resides

Details on this page apply only to couples marrying in a non-anglican place of worship where neither party resides.  Relevant parts of Section 35 of the Marriage Act 1949 have been reproduced below.  Please pay particular attention to the sections in bold below.

(1)  A superintendent registrar may issue a certificate for the solemnization of a marriage in a registered building which is not within a registration district in which either of the persons to be married resides, where the person giving the notice of marriage declares by endorsement thereon in the prescribed form - 

(a)  that the persons to be married desire the marriage to be solemnized according to a specified form, rite or ceremony, being a form, rite or ceremony of a body or denomination of christians or other persons meeting for religious worship to which one of them professes to belong.]


(b)  that, to the best of his or her belief, there is not within the registration district in which one of them resides any registered building in which marriage is solemnized according to that form, rite or ceremony;

(c)  the registration district nearest to the residence of that person in which there is a registered building in which marriage may be so solemnized; and

(d)  the registered building in that district in which the marriage is intended to be solemnized;


(5) Where a marriage is intended to be solemnized on the authority of a superintendent registrar issued under subsection (2) or subsection (3) of this section, each notice of marriage given to the superintendent registrar and each certificate issued by the superintendent registrar shall state, in addition to the description of the registered building or, as the case may be, the parish church or authorised chapel, in which the marriage is to be solemnized, that it is the usual place of worship of the persons to be married or of one of them and, in the latter case, shall state the name of the person whose usual place of worship it is.

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