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Please find below some of the questions that you may have about the day but please contact us if you would like any further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to provide witnesses?

It is your responsibility to provide two witnesses.  There is no lower age limit for witnesses, but they must be old enough to understand what is taking place and to be able to testify to what has taken place should this be necessary.  They must be able to speak and understand English.  They must be present throughout the ceremony.  The Registration Service are unable to provide, or act, as witnesses.

Do I need to bring ID on the day of my ceremony?

Generally, no.  If you change your name by Deed Poll between giving notice and the ceremony, you will need to bring an original copy of that Deed Poll.  Witnesses do not need ID.

What time should I arrive for my ceremony?

If your ceremony is in a council ceremony room, please arrive no less than fifteen minutes before the ceremony start time.  If your ceremony is at one of our approved venues, please arrive at least 30 minutes before your ceremony is due to begin.  You will both need to meet with the registrars separately prior to your ceremony.  

How do I sign the marriage schedule or civil partnership schedule?

You will need to sign with your usual signature using the name you have before the ceremony/ formation takes place or ‘the name you entered the ceremony room with'.

How do I provide music for my ceremony?

If your ceremony is in a council ceremony room you can either choose for us to play a selection of music or ask a guest to use a digital device to play the music via Bluetooth on our sound bar.  Approved venues will make their own arrangements with you directly.

Can I bring fresh flowers for my ceremony at a council ceremony room?

If you wish to bring small flower decorations, you can place them in the room at the start of the ceremony.  The arrangements will need to be removed at the end of your ceremony.  We cannot arrange access to the room in advance.  Please remember that there is limited space in the room.

Can our dog attend our ceremony?

Animals (with the exception of assistance dogs) are not permitted at our own ceremony rooms but this is discretionary for Approved Venues and MUST be discussed at the time of booking and after prior agreement with your venue. 

An additional charge of £40.00  will be applied to your booking and is a non-refundable payment. A member of the Ceremonies Team will contact you to complete a checklist before the ceremony date, animals will not be permitted to attend a ceremony without this.

Can you ask our guests not to post anything on social media until we have posted first?

If you have any specific requests about photography or social media during the ceremony, you can ask the registrar on the day to announce them just before it starts. We would also suggest that you make your guests aware of this request in advance by including it on the invitation or order of service. Please note we accept no resonsiblity or liability if anyone fails to comply.

Can our guests throw confetti?

You can throw confetti outside of the ceremony room.  We would ask that you use bio degradable confetti.

On the day

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