The big day is getting near! We know you will be excited but there are certain things you should know and bear in mind when planning.  You may find some answers on our frequently asked questions page.. 

You will need to read the ceremony script before you complete your ceremony checklist., which you can find below.

Your ceremony


If you have given notice for a marriage, please select your venue below to see the ceremony script:

If you have given notice for a Civil Partnership, please select your venue below to see the ceremony script:

Please return your ceremony checklist  online for council ceremony rooms and approved venues a month before your ceremony. If you wish you can print this out at the summary page before pressing send at the bottom. The checklist helps us to know what your ceremony will include, who is doing readings, who is holding the rings, so we are able to provide a professional ceremony for you and your guests to enjoy.

All our offices are decorated with silk flowers.  Please only use confetti outside buildings and preferably use biodegradable confetti.  Please check the parking arrangements for your venue or our offices.

Check your music.  For council ceremony rooms this should be provided either on a CD or on a digital device.  Cambridge and Huntingdon offices have a sound bar that can be accessed by a guest operating a digital device and Ely office has Bluetooth capability.  At venues, with recorded music the venue will play it for you or you may have chosen live music and the venue will liaise with the musicians. Please note that your music can have no religious content and pieces such as Pie Jesu, Ave Maria or Amazing Grace are not acceptable.

Please arrive in good time for your ceremony, which lasts about half an hour, allowing for parking and photographs.  We know it is fashionable to be late, but the registration staff may have another ceremony to go to, so ensure you and your guests are on time or we may have to shorten the ceremony or cancel it. The registration staff will see you both, together or separately, before the ceremony begins to confirm the details given at notice, which needs to be up to date to enter into the register or schedule. No documentation needs to be provided.

You need to provide two witnesses, who can be relatives or friends, ideally over 18, and must be able to speak and understand English.  They must be present throughout the ceremony and, if outside, must be within the approved structure throughout the ceremony.

Your photographer (or nominated person if using a friend) can take non-flash photographs throughout the ceremony and your guests will be invited to photograph your arrival and after the signing. If having a video, the videographer needs to be in a static position and able to stop filming when the register or schedule is being signed, as will your photographer.

At a marriage,you will receive either one or two certificates, depending on what you have paid for and if you have paid for more, they will be posted to your home address the next working day.  For civil partnerships, your certificate will be posted to your home address the next working day once the schedule is entered onto the system.  When signing the register, please take a moment to carefully check the details are correct.  Any correction incurs a fee of £75 or £90 (dependent on whether the correction can be authorised locally with additional proof from yourself). Also, from summer 2019 all corrections will be done at Ely Office in Cambridgeshire Archives, where you would have to attend to witness the correction.

We hope you have a very special day!

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