Civil Partnership: Step by Step

Follow our step-by-step guide to forming a civil partnership in Cambridgeshire. 

1. Legal Requirements
2. Where do you want to have your formation? 
3. Giving notice to form a civil partnership
4. Documents you'll need to give notice
5. Plan your day


You can tailor several parts of the formation by adding your own words, music and readings. 


Please read the outlines below before completing your checklist:


Once you've read the documents above please return your ceremony checklist online for council ceremony rooms and approved venues a month before your ceremony.


The checklist helps us to know what your formation will include, who is doing readings, who is holding the rings, so we are able to provide a professional formation for you and your guests to enjoy.


Please only use confetti outside buildings and preferably use biodegradable confetti.  Please check the parking arrangements for your venue or our offices.

Music - If you are holding your ceremony in a Council Ceremony room music should be provided either on a CD or on a digital device.  Cambridge and Huntingdon offices have a sound bar that can be accessed by a guest operating a digital device and Ely office has Bluetooth capability.  

If you are forming a civil partnership in a Council Ceremony room please arrive about 15 minutes before your formation is due to begin.  If you are forming a civil partnership in an Approved Premises we would recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the formation is due to begin.


The registration staff will see you both, together or separately, before the ceremony begins to confirm and update where necessary the details given at notice. This is to ensure that the schedule entry is correct on the day.  

You need to provide two witnesses who can be relatives or friends, ideally over 18, and must be able to speak and understand English.  They must be present throughout the formation and, if outside, must be within the approved structure throughout the formation.

Your photographer (or nominated person) can take non-flash photographs throughout the formation and your guests will be invited to photograph at some point during the formation. If having a video, the videographer needs to be in a static position and able to stop filming when the schedule is being signed, as will your photographer.

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