Other Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies


We offer naming ceremonies to celebrate the birth of a child or to welcome an adopted child or a step-child into your family.  These ceremonies are held I our council ceremony rooms or approved venues.  They can be arranged by any parent, from any cultural background or with any religious belief.  The ceremony allows parents to make promises to the child and to each other, introducing sponsors who will take a special interest in the child's upbringing

Renewal of vows ceremonies


These are special ceremonies for couples who have already contracted a marriage or civil partnership and who wish to celebrate and renew their vows with family and friends.

They are ideal for couples who had small ceremonies, ceremonies abroad or for a special anniversary to reaffirm the vows made and re-dedicate the rings given.

If you wish to book a naming or renewal of vows ceremony, please contact us using the general enquiry form. Payment is required at the time of booking so we will phone you when we receive the form. 


Fees are listed on the Fees page.

Please note these ceremonies have no legal status.

Citizenship ceremonies


Citizenship ceremonies complete the path for foreign nationals who are granted British citizenship and formally welcome them into the community. Group ceremonies are usually conducted weekly on Wednesday afternoons in Cambridge, or privately in our offices by arrangement.


New citizens swear or affirm an oath to observe the laws of this country and pledge their allegiance to the reigning monarch and the United Kingdom.  Once you have received confirmation that you can book a ceremony, please phone 0345 045 5155.

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