Update 29/07/2020: We are now accepting bookings for notices.  If you booked your ceremony online then you will be able to book notices in your account.

Ceremonies and Formations Resumed on 4th July


Please click here to see FAQs related to the lockdown and your marriage.

Ceremonies re-commenced on 4th July, and our priority is keeping everyone safe. 

Below we have detailed the terms by which the ceremony/formation can take place in one of our Approved Venues.

  • Speak directly to the venue to confirm the maximum number of people that can be safely accommodated.

  • Seating and circulation space within the ceremony room must be socially distanced

  • If your ceremony is taking place outdoors the outside structure must be sufficiently large to allow social distancing between you, your two witnesses and the two registrars, all of whom need to be present inside the structure throughout the ceremony.  This remains a legal requirement.

Below we have detailed the terms by which the ceremony/formation can take place in one of our Council Ceremony Rooms


The maximum number of people you can have in our Council Ceremony Rooms is SIX. This will include the couple, two witnesses and two guests.  No babies/children or additional guests will be allowed, and should not wait outside due to social distancing space for other appointments.

You, your witnesses and guests will need to adhere to the following health and safety restrictions when you attend your ceremony.

  • No person will be permitted to enter the building if they show any symptoms of Covid-19 or are currently quarantining.  Two metre distancing will be maintained at all times in line with government guidelines and health and safety requirements.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your ceremony.  On arrival wait outside the main entrance with your witnesses and guests. All people entering the building must wash their hands with the hand gel provided at the entrance.

  • A member of our staff will come to the door and collect you and take you to the ceremony room for the pre-ceremony interview. Once this has been completed your witnesses and guests will be invited to join you in the ceremony room.

  • The toilets in the building will be closed so neither you, your witnesses or guests will be able to use them. Please advise people in advance.

  • To ensure your health and safety, we will be cleaning the ceremony room between ceremonies, so please ensure that you, your witnesses and guests are on time.

  • If you are exchanging rings, please have them in your possession before the ceremony starts. Only you will pick up your partner’s ring and place it on their finger.

  • We will provide wipes and tissues for your use.  Please dispose of them in the bin provided.

  • You are welcome to kiss each other at the end of the ceremony, if you so wish, but for your own safety we advise you not to kiss, hug or shake the hand of any other member of your party unless they are living in your immediate household.

  • Photographs can be taken from your seat to maintain social distancing.  Please do not ask the registrars to take any photos for you.

  • A separate fountain pen will be supplied for you and your witnesses when signing the register. This will be disinfected between each use.

  • At the end of the ceremony the couple will exit as directed by the registrar.  They will be followed by the witnesses and guests, at socially distanced intervals. Please ensure that all personal items are removed from the ceremony room as there will be no opportunity to return to collect them after the ceremony has ended.

You can choose to proceed with your booking on the planned date with rules above or alternatively move your ceremony to a new date when the current restrictions are eased.  

PLEASE do not contact us for further information since we are overwhelmed with requests from couples seeking clarification, and like yourselves we do not know when Government restritcions may be relaxed further.

Please note the following and check this website for any future changes:


  •  new notice bookings will be made available in early August, check back for when these open


If you move your ceremony you may need to give new notices (which have a statutory fee of £35 each) as these legal documents expire after a year.


If your original ceremony was/ is booked for a date after 1st September 2020 then all normal Terms and Conditions apply if you decide to move your ceremony.


We are very busy so please expect to wait up to 10 working days for a reply as we give priority to those most immediately affected by the situation.  We thank you all in advance for your understanding and patience.


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