Ceremonies and Formations Suspended Until Further Notice

UPDATE 12/05/2020


Please click here to see FAQs related to the lockdown and your marriage.

On 11th May the Government confirmed an extension of the lockdown until, at least, 1st June (and only if conditions are met)..


However, the Government is examining how to enable people to gather in slightly larger groups to better facilitate small weddings. Over the coming weeks, the Government will engage on the nature and timing of the measures in this step, in order to consider the widest possible array of views on how best to balance the health, economic and social effects. (Source: Section 4.2, Our plan to rebuild: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy).


Please therefore note the following, and check this website for any future changes:


  • no new ceremony or notice bookings are currently possible

  • if you have an existing ceremony booking:

    • between now and the 28th May we will contact you by e-mail by 5pm on 22nd May about re-scheduling

    • we will consider your request for re-scheduling ceremonies already booked for a date after 1st June and before 31st August.


If this is the first occasion you have moved your ceremony to a new date then we will waive the fee but you may be required to give new notices (which have a statutory fee of £35 each) as these legal document expire after a year.


  • if your ceremony is booked for a date after 1st September 2020 then all normal Terms and Conditions apply if you decide to move your ceremony


If you booked your ceremony online you can log into your account to check availability by clicking here.


We are very busy so please expect to wait up to 10 working days for a reply as we give priority to those most immediately affected by the situation.  We thank you all in advance for your understanding and patience.


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