Marriage: Step by Step


Follow our step-by-step guide to getting married in Cambridgeshire.  For more general information about marriage please take a look at information on .GOV.UK


1. Book Your Ceremony


You can book your ceremony online by registering on our website at:


You can book  a ceremony from 5 June 2021.  There is no earlier availability.

2. Book Your Notices of Marriage

Notice of Marriage is a legal requirement where you book an appointment to see a registrar with documents to prove your identity. This must be done at least 1 month before your ceremony but can be up to 12 months ahead.  We would recommend that you give notice within 4 months of your ceremony. 

Click here to find out how to book your notices

3. Attending Your Notices of Marriage

Click here to find out which documents you'll need to bring to your appointments

4. Plan Your Day

Click here to find out more about personalising your ceremony


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