One or both partners is not a British citizen or a member of the EEA?

You will both be required to attend an appointment together at a designated register office irrespective of where you live.


A fee of £12 each is payable if you or your partner are from outside EEA or Switzerland and you will each need to provide a passport photograph.


All proposed marriages and civil partnerships involving a non-EEA national who does not provide specified evidence of settled or permanent resident status, a marriage or civil partnership visa, or exemption from immigration control will be referred to Home Office Immigration after giving notice.

Those couples referred may have the notice period extended from 28 to 70 days if the Home Office wishes to investigate.  Couples wishing to marry in the Church of England / Church in Wales where at least one of the couple are a non-EEA national will have to give notice at a designated register office.

If you wish to book a notice of marriage at our designated register office (Cambridge), please complete the general enquiry form..  You may find an apointment faster at another designated register office.

Documents required for each person to bring to the notice appointment

All documents must be original and not photocopies or printed from online services. If not in English, a translation must be provided signed by a third party with their contact details.  We cannot take notice if you fail to produce the documents as listed. There is a fee to correct a notice if, once signed, it is found to be incorrect, so please check carefully before signing.


When you go to the register office, you need to take proof of your name, age and nationality by producing one of the following:

  • Valid passport

  • British citizens can provide their full birth certificate

  • National identity card from the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland

  • Biometric residence card or permit

The registrar also needs proof of your address, for example a:

  • Valid UK or EEA driving licence

  • Gas, water or electricity bill from the last 3 months

  • Bank or building society statement from the last month

  • Council tax bill from the last 12 months

  • Mortgage statement from the last 12 months

  • Current tenancy agreement

  • Letter from your landlord/property owner confirming you live there and including your landlord’s name, address and their signature dated within the last 7 days (we will provide a pro-forma for this)


You need other documents if you are British but don’t have a valid passport and you were born after 1983. If your parents were married at the time of your birth, you can take nationality from either parent and prove it by providing a parent's full British birth certificate. If unmarried, nationality is taken from the mother which is proved by providing her full British birth certificate.

If you have changed your name you will need to provide evidence of the change such as a registered deed poll. If you use two names, please provide evidence showing use of both names from the list above.

If you have been married or in a civil partnership before, you need to take either:

  • a decree absolute or final dissolution of civil partnership order.

  • the death certificate of your former partner if you were still married/in a civil partnership to them at the time of their death.  If you are not mentioned on the certificate, you will also need to produce your marriage or civil partnership certificate.

Please note non-refundable statutory fees will be charged to consider divorce/dissolution documents issued outside the British Isles.  £50 will be charged if the matter can be dealt with locally but £75 will be charged if the documents need to be referred to The General Register Office.


A foreign divorce will usually be recognised in England and Wales if it was valid in the country where it took place. If the divorce document is not in English, a certified translation into English is required.


The Registration Officer taking our appointment will check your foreign divorce documents and may have to contact The General Register Office to confirm whether your marriage or civil partnership can go ahead. If we ask for further information, please supply this as soon as possible to avoid delay.


On booking your notice appointment, you will pay an administration fee of £35 per person, which if the notice is taken successfully will be converted into your notice fee. 

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